Visiting Chinese Language Teachers Program

“Taiwan’s Visiting Chinese Language Teachers Program Guidelines” Abstract


The importance of Chinese language acquisition in an increasingly globalized world cannot be ignored. By equipping students with critically important language skills, Chinese language programs not only broaden students’ perspectives, but also give them a competitive edge among university applicants.

Taiwan has been at the forefront of Chinese language education. Its rigorous Chinese language teacher training programs are recognized world-wide for producing teachers of unsurpassed skill.

We invite you to participate in an exciting international exchange: the Visiting Teacher from Taiwan Program. Through this program, schools are able to recruit Chinese language teachers from Taiwan to teach at the primary, secondary and higher education levels. At a time of growing interest in Chinese language, this is an important opportunity to fill the need for highly-qualified Chinese language teachers in schools, or even establish a robust education exchange with schools in Taiwan.


Primary and Secondary Schools

The Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) provides an efficient, cost-effective program whereby U.S. schools can recruit certified Chinese teachers/teaching assistants of senior undergraduate or graduate students in the professional field to meet their Chinese language instruction needs.  The MOE assists U.S. schools in both the pre- and post-recruitment stages.


  • MOE invites schools to visit Taiwan
  • School representatives personally interview and select highly qualified teaching


  • Representatives visit primary and secondary schools as well as university language centers


  • MOE provides the Chinese language teacher or teaching assistants with international airfare and living stipend

( USD $1,200/month for teachers, USD $600/month for teaching assistants)

  • MOE provides the Chinese language teacher with a stipend of USD$300 for teaching materials
  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco can make book donations to hiring schools
  • Schools provide the teacher’s salary and benefits

or teaching assistant’s benefits (mainly accommodation and meals, no salary is required)

  • Schools assist the teacher/teaching assistant in visa application.


Colleges and Universities

With the current economic demand being generated in the Chinese-speaking world, graduates with Chinese language skills are sure to be highly sought-after.

For colleges and universities that recruit Chinese language teachers, the MOE provides the teacher or teaching assistant with the following as a supplement to the salary furnished by the U.S. institution:

Benefits to hiring institutions

  1. Monthly Living stipends (USD $1,200 for teachers, USD$600 for teaching assistants)
  2. Round-trip airfare
  3. Stipend for teaching materials (USD$300, for teachers only)
  4. Reimbursements and stipends paid directly to teachers

Expectations for hiring institutions

  1. Competitive salary (*required for teachers only, determined as needed in accordance with teaching load, candidate experience and/or local standards of living)
  2. Accommodation and meals (*required for teaching assistants only)
  3. Standard benefits (e.g. medical, dental insurance)
  4. Assistance in the teacher’s U.S. visa application


Application Procedures in Taiwan

  1. U.S. Interested institutions should fill out the form provided in order to

apply for the grant from the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan

  1. MOE will publicize the quality requirements information and the Education Division will forward applications from teachers/teaching assistants to the hiring institutions
  2. Hiring institutions make the final selection directly from the approved list of teachers/teaching assistants provided by the MOE



Taiwan Visiting Chinese Language Teachers Program Guidelines

Recruitment Form