Chinese Language Intensive Short Term Program

The Education Division of TECO in San Francisco invites students of schools/universities to participate in the courses arranged by the sister schools/universities or provided by the language centers affiliated to Taiwan’s universities. The courses should be focused on the learning of traditional Chinese characters and Taiwan culture.


The Taiwan Ministry of Education will offer each student a weekly stipend of US$ 90 for up to four weeks, provided that the group counts minimum 5 students and they will attend at least three hours of the prescribed courses per day. The study period will be 4 weeks at most. Each week is counted from Monday to Friday.


The subsidy will be granted in NT$, which will be disbursed after the participants’ arrival in Taiwan. The sponsored group is needed to submit the program report including photos to the hosted schools/universities as well as The Education Division of TECO within 4 weeks after the program ends. The Education Division of TECO in San Francisco has to submit the applications to the Ministry of Education 2 months prior to the arrival of the group to Taiwan.


Reference format:

2017 NCKU Summer Intensive Chinese Program (4 weeks)