TOCFL Registration Now Open in Northern California

With a rapid increase in the number of applicants of Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Taiwan Scholarship as well as overseas Chinese students interested in pursuing studies in Taiwan, there is a growing demand for an official language proficiency test. The Education Division of TECO in San Francisco, in response to this, will hold the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) and The Children’s Chinese Competence Certification (CCCC) in collaboration with Association of Northern California Chinese Schools on October 15th and October 22nd, 2017, respectively.


The TOCFL is aimed at people who are non-native Chinese speakers. All participants will each receive a score slip, and those who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate. Participants can choose to register for Bands A (level 1 and 2), B (level 3 and 4) or C (level 5 and 6) at their discretion. The two-hour test is comprised of a one-hour Listening Comprehension session and a one-hour Reading Comprehension session.


The Children’s Chinese Competence Certification (CCCC) is intended for non-native Chinese speaking children age seven-12. Three levels are offered- Sprouting, Seedling, and Blossoming.


All participants taking TOCFL will receive test result slips, and those who pass the exam will also receive a certificate each, which serves as a credential when applying for a scholarship (for those who intend to apply for Taiwan Scholarship, Band B proficiency is required) or admission to academic programs at colleges and universities in Taiwan, or even applying for a job in East-Asian Chinese-speaking countries/communities.


Registration is now open until the end of August 2017. For more test information, please go to or contact Mr. Wang at Ms. Chiou at